Valexit: Tips From the Non-Sporty Mom of a New Stanford Athlete

I came across this picture on Facebook the other day. What fantastic memories we have of watching our younger daughter, Valerie, play basketball. As a recent high school graduate, she's enjoying coaching and playing hoops this summer at the YMCA camp where she works as a counselor. Her basketball life is behind her now and... Continue Reading →

Are You There, Dear Diary? No, It’s Not Sylvia Plath. It’s Me, Penelope.

Dear Diary, I'm sorry I haven't written in so long. That's how I always started after skipping more than a day or two. Year after year, you were my consistent, listening friend. You gave me an outlet before I knew how desperately I craved one. You helped me formulate clear thoughts before I realized authentic... Continue Reading →

Date Night (Year 26): How to Have a Successful Marriage

So ... during date night ... last night, out to dinner, feeling proud after 26 years of marriage, hard work, raising kids, building duel careers, etc., approaching our empty nest ... when we never knew each other without sharing parenthood (with not one single regret) ... this is the conversation: Me: We should be so... Continue Reading →

From Football to Neuroscience: When Life Gives You Lemons … by Eric Joraskie

Sixteen years of my life were spent playing contact football. I grew up surrounded by the game; some of my earliest memories are playing tackle football in the backyard with my brothers, and my dad was my first coach. I played from the time I was five years old through high school, where I began... Continue Reading →

Overcoming the Brokenness of a Painful Childhood

This woman is not only broken ... she is finally whole. Beliefs about brokenness: Some people deny or ignore their brokenness. They don't realize that another, stronger, fuller version of themselves can exist. These folks feel "okay." Others believe they deserve some degree of pain because that's what someone told them once upon a vulnerable... Continue Reading →

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