Born Again: An Aberration Story

“My commitment involves standing up for what I believe rather than following current cultural tides.”

Religion is always a touchy subject. I’ve not quite figured out why it should be but centuries have proven that more of the same is on the horizon. There are quite a few dominant religions supported by similar themes. They’re all supposed to provide a positive influence, but when faced with all the negatives surrounding the topic, one might wonder if it’s really worked out the way it was originally intended. My guess is that man’s touch has tainted the basic messages and meanings behind the mysteries we all seek to understand.

Having superglue beliefs in almost anything can cause issues for an individual. Whether we want to face it or not, society is fairly rigid when it comes to defining norms. There are acceptable norms for religion as well, and straying beyond the bounds of this already touchy subject can create quite an aberration. Jane, a retired professional interior designer, has been a born-again Christian for 46 years. She has and will again, if necessary, forsake family, friends, food, material possessions, and her own physical safety to defend her commitment to Jesus Christ. She has graciously agreed to discuss some of her strong religious beliefs and experiences. Choosing to live with her aberration day to day is just another example of her deep level of commitment. Whether you agree with her beliefs or not, hopefully we can all agree that Jane is one gutsy lady.

Describe why your level of commitment to Christianity is an aberration. In other words, how does your level of commitment differ from that of the average traditional Christian?

My level of commitment to Christianity is directly correlated to my commitment to Jesus Christ. I just believe Him! I know Him! I have seen Him. At the appropriate times, He has empowered me with His Spirit to do the things that the Apostles did. It is just that simple.

He is the way to truth and life because he DID come back from death to live again. I have found that most people don’t really understand the magnitude of this. Most people, including most church goers, either aren’t interested or don’t care to focus on life after death. Most so-called Christians don’t honor Jesus in everything they do. I act everyday in my belief that Jesus is real. He’s foremost in my mind. I don’t go to church on Sunday and then forget about him the rest of the week.

My commitment involves standing up for what I believe rather than following current cultural tides. I act everyday in my belief that Jesus is alive, tangible and real. I don’t see this level of commitment in too many others. For example, few are thankful for the chance to be saved from utter darkness. Few are concerned with the F word these days. Few speak the truth about what God said regarding gay and lesbian relationships. Few call abortion murder. A woman who’s had an abortion must truly repent, and accept that Jesus died for that sin to free her. It’s not okay, and it’s not a woman’s choice. Life and death are God’s choices.

Can you give an example of empowerment to the level of the Apostles?

I’ve witnessed miracles first hand and have been part of them. I’ve known things about people that couldn’t be known, and my knowing this information has resulted in tremendous changes in their lives … similar to when Jesus knew details in the life of the woman at the well. I’ve cast demons from people, and seen their lives change in miraculous ways. The things I’ve witnessed would change Bill Maher’s mind, that’s for sure.

Have you actually seen Jesus? Please explain.

Yes, several times. I know it’s hard for others to believe. When I saw Him, He talked with me. Once I saw Him walking on the side of the road. Somehow I walked with him for awhile. He was unassuming and kind. He told me I had “done good.” Once, I saw Him in church and realized that no one else could see Him. I observed Him for quite awhile, and at one point He winked at me.

Can you share how being a highly conservative Christian has impacted your life negatively? Christianity has a positive message so how has it created issues for you?

In speaking the truth, sometimes I spoil the ambiance around others. A lot of people don’t really want to hear the truth. People usually react to me in one extreme or the other. Sometimes they believe and want to understand what I’m saying and my love for Him. Other times, they think I’m just a religious fanatic. My aberration is that not very many people want the real truth, and I do. They ask, “What makes you think you know the Truth?” And then they say, “I’m a good person,” as if that makes everything all right. I think about so many people who refuse to see the truth about how much God really loves them, and I cry.

Why has it all been worth it?

I’ve had a hard time because I believe in Jesus. I’ve had so much fun with Him though; He has such a great sense of humor. He makes up for much of my loss. Yes, it’s all worth it for me because He’s my friend, my God, and my king. Without Him, I would have no hope. I want to reign with Him for 1,000 years when the time comes to do so. My path is His. He leads and I follow.

Why do you believe your level of commitment is required?

My thinking on this matter is that Jesus was either insane when he was on Earth and then he died just like the rest of us do, or He is alive and well and is exactly who He said He is. He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life …” Anyone who makes such a statement is either not in his right mind, or as I pointed out above, is speaking the truth. This Jesus is not just another person. He is not a way, a truth, or a life. He is a king and his father has given him a kingdom. He made all of us and all that is around us. It would be a good thing to be on His side. Too much is at stake to decide otherwise. He will come back to rule on Earth. All other paths will not lead to God! Any other way will lead to exile from the one true God who made all things.

He said that we must be born again and I believe Him. People just don’t realize how powerful He is, what is coming, and how critical it is to be fully prepared.

If you could send one message about your beliefs to the world, what would it be?

We’re already condemned to die because of our own sin and imperfection. It’s only through Jesus’ willingness to come and die in our place that we have a choice for eternal life. You choose your own demise by dismissing Him. Lastly, I feel strongly that Jesus will return in our generation.

To learn more about Jane’s beliefs regarding Jesus’ imminent return, visit Endtime Ministries.

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  1. The word that comes to mind is “fruitcake”. It’s not politically correct, but seriously… Jane herself states that anyone claiming to be a god is likely to be insane. Why can she not see that it’s equally insane to see Jesus at random?Jesus wasn’t a white guy with blue eyes and long flowing hair. Jesus was a Jew at a time when Jews did not marry outside of their own faith. He would have had dark skin and dark eyes, looking very much like a black man of today. Hair and beards at the time would never have been worn long. If this lady is seeing Jesus, it’s her hallucination and not what the actual Jesus would have looked like.Interesting story, though.


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