Pieces of Penelope (1980, 14 years old)

My Diary

Pages of love and tears,
Special tidbits picked up through the years,
From girl to women,
From daughter to mother,
The pages may tear and fade,
But the hopes and fears will live forever.


… Sometimes I feel sad, sometimes glad, to be me. Am I the only one with problems? I cry out for someone to solve them. I’m proud to be me, but sometimes I wish I was different … I realize now that I’m just one of the little grains of salt in the world.


The End

The end is here, now, after so long,
Your love is gone, transferred,
Where did I go wrong?
The end is sad, frightening, hard to bear,
The end has begun,
How long will it last?
Will it last till the end?
When the end is over and love goes on,
Where will you be?
Will you be near?
I’ll always be here, at the end.


… They’ll never know how I feel. I’ll never let them know! My mind is searching, scanning but never finding the answers. I guess this is the final path. The path through darkness into light. Is that the light there? No, just a shimmer of hope. The light will come someday. I’ll be happy then. Someday …



What are words?
Words are means of expression,
Then where are the right words?
The words to say, “I love you?”
What is “I love you?”
“I love you” are the words that mean there are no words … for me.

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