Pieces of Penelope (1982, 16 years old)

… All I know is that if I just had one kiss from that guy, that’s all I would need to sustain me for at least another six months ….


Love that hurts,
Love that takes,
Love that loves
For loves own sake …


… Yesterday I had the most traumatic experience of my life. I cannot explain it but all I know is that it was hard and it hurt, and I will remember it until the day I die …


… It seems like the good things that are supposed to be in life just don’t notice me …


… I’m tired of hurting. I know there is some hurt I can’t avoid but as I look back at my past, I know there was so much I could have avoided. I bring so much upon myself …


… I hope I’m growing up so bad …


… I think I tend to idolize people too much … even the people I don’t like. I’ve been trying to see myself in the way that I see everyone else. Maybe that’s the root of my problem. I’ve excluded myself from my overall image of the world, and maybe that has made me feel like I’m never good enough …


… I think I just realized why I don’t trust people. All this time, instead of trying to see myself the way I see everyone else, I’ve been trying to see everyone the way I see myself — which doesn’t work because it’s giving me a depressed outlook on life and people. I have people idolized and the next, I have them hitting the floor. I don’t want to trust anyone for fear that I’ll be the fool and just prove over and over that I don’t belong in the good world — but only in the bad. This doesn’t even give me a chance to be in the good world because trying to drag people into the bad world turns them off and away, which leaves me totally confused and worse off.


When sorrow speaks it calls my name,
When love laughs it laughs at me …


Tonight I have been thinking …

I have committed many a sin in my life. Greater than any man can know. In my heart, I will never know the reasons or will I feel forgiven … What counts is how you play the game, live the life. I will be happy for my friends when they are happy. I will weep for them when they are sad. Never will I judge a person for I know my sins are many. I will be happy with life, for who I am, for what I feel, and will not waste joy by living in the past. I will treat each man the same for fate will bring love when love is right. I will not worry about useless things. I will not be saddened by things unsaid but will rejoice in words I hear. Life will be fine. The happy moments will outlive the sad. I will sin a great many times to come but yet I will be content for I know life would be but an empty shell if I had not sorrows to contrast with my joy. Forever, I will live each day in Springtime and when pain knocks at my heart, I will endure and love just the same. “Never stop risking” will be the words in my heart. I will remember to risk and to feel sadness is better than to not risk and not “feel.” This way, at least I will know I’m alive.


A rainstorm rages in paradise,

Her nature split,
Struggling against the tide,
Trapped inside,
She hides …


So many times I’ve missed the point,

I’ve stayed too long, and left too soon,
You’d think by now
I’d learn to play
the game.

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