Pieces of Penelope (1983, 17 years old)

… I HAVE TO love myself the most–not be selfish but just have self esteem, and know that I can accomplish so much in my life–and I will…


… I feel like I’m just walking through a dessert and there’s no one around for hundreds and hundreds of miles. I just don’t understand, and it hurts so much to feel so rejected and so lacking. As if there’s something missing that I’ll never have. I’m actually afraid for the school year to start. For the last two years, terrible things have happened, and I want so badly to be happy. Why does God allow me to feel this way? I’ll never know. I just have to tell myself that all people go through lonely times and that there is nothing wrong with me…


I just feel lonely today. I wonder if other people feel like this as much as I do? I wish I knew. I just have to face reality so I’m trying to figure out what it is.

Lonely does as lonely is,
Lonely gives as lonely is.


My Life is a paradox,
My heart a lonely hunter,
My melancholy smile,
Isn’t real at all …


I feel so bored and lonely. This is ridiculous. I have so many things to be excited about but yet I feel like all there is before me is a blank space that I have to fill in order to get somewhere, or to someone or something. What is it? Maybe I’m just going through a stage. That must be it.


I have my pride and I’m not gonna be put in the same category with a bunch of love sick girls. I realize now that I’ve been acting just like all the other girls in the world. I’ve got to be different and I will be …


I just wish school would start so I can think about something else. I’m going to study hard. Right now I really don’t have any close friends. I’m turning into quite a loner. It’s what I want in a way but yet it’s really not. I’m just going to try to channel my ambitions or passions or whatever towards studying. I’ve got to start giving myself more credit. I’ve got to grow up a little. The time has come for me to start seeing myself as an adult and acting like one.


Try as I might to break loose from sorrow,
She walks with me,
Every yesterday and tomorrow,
Trust is gone,
From my heart forever,
Perhaps someday I’ll find my place.

‘Till then I’ll forge on ahead,
Never look back,
Let the dead be dead,
Fate has a surprising future for me,
Someday not only I but the world will see.

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