Five Years in Review (2008-2013): Penelope Przekop

“Painting completed my life.”  Frida Kahlo

2012 has been a challenging year in terms of keeping up with my Aberration Nation interviews; I’ve been hyper-focused on my art work, which continues to evolve.  I’m considering changes to the Aberration Nation focus; details will be forthcoming.

Today the focus is ART!

I began painting in January of 2008; next month will mark my fifth year. At this point in my life, five years doesn’t seem long, yet in these five short years, I’ve moved light years ahead in terms of my art work.

After having the urge to paint for several years, I finally began.  I never painted a single picture until that day, but had some deep arrogant conviction that I might just be able to do a decent job of it; I wanted to try.  For some reason, I needed to try. I had no idea what I was doing. I took 6 2-hour classes that covered the basics.  From day one, I chose to paint my original ideas.  I never had any desire to copy or paint anything that looked like a photograph. That wasn’t what I was searching for or hoping to express, and I knew it.

Finally picking up a paintbrush was the best decision I’ve ever made in terms of both my creative and emotional growth. Five years later seems the perfect time to reflect.  

In addition to completing my life, in many ways painting started my life ….

2008 Representative Works:

Brute Strength

Stuck Inside

Piece of Meat

In 2009, I finished writing, Centerpieces, a novel based on the death of Vincent van Gogh.  As I attempted to gather some early review comments, I contacted Bob Hogge, Monkdogz Urban Art (NYC), to ask if he would read the book.  It happened to be the one moment of his life that he had a little extra time, so he agreed. He liked the novel so much that he decided to give me a call. As we chatted, I casually mentioned that I’d also begun painting. He asked to see my work but I was hesitant. He convinced me to send him a few jpegs; I was not too excited about this professional artist and New York City Gallery owner seeing my beginner work. After all, I was a writer not an artist.

To my surprise, Bob found something uniquely interesting about what I’d done in just one year and so we began to correspond about my work in progress.  He dubbed my ability, “a diamond in the rough.” He encouraged me to be brave in all the steps I was taking to improve, to express myself, and to do both in my own unique way. That year, I began experimenting with layered canvas as well as other methods.

2009 Representative Works:

Economic Crisis

Stuck in Immovable Growth

Slice of Suburbia, 2009

By 2010, some of my early work had been shown by Philadelphia, California and Italy.  Also, the
Museum of Art in Caserta, Italy acquired one of my pieces.  I continued to work closely with Bob Hogge. I continued to layer canvas and began focusing on more figurative work.  By the end of 2010, I began to move back away from the layered canvas approach, instead adding complexity and depth to the work in other ways.

2010 Representative Works:

Paper Doll, No. 3

Paper Doll, No. 7

Shattered in Black and White

Throughout 2010, my early work was shown in a couple of New York City venues. Early 2011 was a turning point for me.  I began to gain solid confidence; self-identify as an artist rather than a writer; and to also break through my preconceived notions of what art was supposed to be, what I was supposed to be doing, and what I thought others expected of artists. I realized that to move forward, I had to drop all that behind and truly dig into what I could do as a unique individual.  My art began to evolve more quickly and so I started to view the work in terms of 6-month intervals.  I began to paint more and more with my fingers rather than brushes.

Jan – Jun 2011 Representative Works: 

Faceless Woman

Monster Stretching

Evolution of an Artist

Jul – Dec 2011 Representative Works:

Ridiculous Anger

I Was Born this Way … please stay

I Never Meant to Upset You

During 2011 my work was shown by three New York City galleries, including Monkdogz Urban Art. Over the course of the year, the work became more complex and I began to understand the direction I wanted to go as an artist. It became more of a mixture of abstract and figurative art. I began to experiment with pastels and ink, and knives, almost completely dropping brushes. Brushes distanced me from my emotions; it was best to let it shoot from my own fingers where I could feel it. I was beginning to develop my own style. As 2012 began, I was extremely excited to take that style farther and farther. I had the wonderful feeling that I’d just begun, and that there was great potential for me as an artist. I began to believe!

Jan – Jun 2012 Representative Works:

It’s All Inside

Powder Keg

They Follow Me

Jul – Dec 2012 Representative Works:

Monster Loose

She Leads and I Follow

What’s the Point?

At this time, my work is presented by galleries in New York City, Central America, and Europe.  Monkdogz Urban Art (NYC) is currently featuring my work Gallery & Studio Magazine. My nudes have been selected numerous times by guest New York City gallery directors and owners on the Barebrush art site. Two pieces have been acquired by Italian museums, and other opportunities are in the works.

I recently made the following video to showcase some of the work I completed in 2012:

Since 2008, I’ve painted approximately 300 works. Those shown here are a small representation of that body of work. To see more of my recent art and find a list of the galleries representing my work, visit my art site or join me on Facebook.

I’m still just getting started …

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