About 5-Star Life


Life is NOT a process. It’s the product.
So what is your quality rating?

One of the biggest secrets to my personal and business success is the science and application of quality management systems.  I’ve spent the last 25 plus years working with Fortune 500  companies to design, evaluate, refine, and implement quality management systems.

Fortune 500 companies across industries rely on the proven science behind quality management systems to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.  These two metrics have an astronomical impact on their success.

Over the last ten years, big industry has followed the quality thread directly to the customer through the 5-Star Rating System.  You know the one!

My understanding of how quality is defined; built into both existing and new processes; monitored and evaluated; and used for continuous improvement enabled me to transform the quality rating of my personal life from zero to five stars.  I’ve succeeded and failed over and over again with an unflinching goal in mind: to bring the absolute best quality version of myself to life.

I began dissecting and defining my as-is quality rating in 1991, five years after surviving a suicide attempt that landed me in an Intensive Care Unit for three days. During the years that followed, my efforts to increase the quality of my life resulted in some great accomplishments; however, the void inside was as big as ever.  I suspected that I would never reach my full potential due to the baggage I carried.  I had made it to a 3-star life!  I told myself that I should be thankful. And I was … yet, I felt unfulfilled and knew that I was not where I wanted or needed to be.

As beloved author Glennon Doyle Melton encourages, I carried on, warrior, and worked to embrace my messy, beautiful life.

Then my brother committed suicide in July of 2012.

Reality shifted and my deepest work began. In the years since I’ve developed the 5-Star Life philosophy and strategy. I’ve solidified my ideas on how to blend the powerful, proven science behind ensuring quality and customer satisfaction with lesson after lesson learned; advances in the psychology of success; and my intense passion for creating a meaningful, beautiful life out of chaos.

My story is my product. I live a 5-Star Life. I am free. I no longer carry on, I celebrate. I’ve found a new drug; it’s called personal empowerment. The life I lead today is one ignited by a new level of freedom. One that enables me to be the best possible version of myself.

I don’t claim to have all the answers or a magic solution for life.  I want to share my thoughts, experiences, and expertise.  Just like you, I’m a work in progress, and so is the 5-Star Life Blog. I hope you will ride along. I think we may just get somewhere.

Penelope Przekop, MSQA, RQAP-GCP



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