Pieces of Penelope (1987, 21 years old)

Rolling and rolling,Building and budding,A cup that's somehow full,Now,Again,Bittersweet emotions,Confusion and peace,It's overflowing,This heart in tears.***Maybe right now I'm just trying to heal all the wounds. That does take time. I just hope it doesn't take a lifetime. Sometimes that's my fear ... I keep trying to make brass gold when I know it isn't.***Something... Continue Reading →

Daddy Didn’t Want Me: An Aberration Story

"I’ve learned that things in life are not always perfect, but that doesn't mean you can't eventually make them great with positivity and hard work." In our blended family culture, do you ever wonder how children truly feel about the situations in which they find themselves? Do you wonder if the pain adults navigate through... Continue Reading →

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