Incendiary: Chris Cleave

" ... literature is my tool of persuasion."The term incendiary has a lot to do with bombs, as does Chris Cleave's latest novel, INCENDIARY (launched today by Simon & Schuster).  Incendiary also means "tending to inflame the senses," and "a person who stirs up strife, sedition, etc.; an agitator."  I spent last year writing a novel... Continue Reading →

Beating Back Grief: Darin Strauss

 "... grief, (and even the weird feeling of guilt without culpability) if not vanquished, can at least be beaten back."Last week I had a challenging conversation with my chronically troubled mother. After she lectured me on how to vanquish the grief of my disturbing childhood by finally apologizing to her for my failures as a... Continue Reading →

Bellies, Imagination, and Books: DeAnna Cameron

"No one seems to understand why I want to spend so many hours in a room by myself ..."I've decided to keep a running list of the characteristics of highly creative individuals from the view point of their peers.So far, the list includes:1) Obsessive2) Driven3) Willing to sacrifice4) A free mind (and soul)5) Talent to... Continue Reading →

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