Making Ideas Happen: Scott Belsky

"Society shuns what society celebrates."I grew up noticing the injustice around me, feeling helpless to change anything. Maybe it was because I emerged from a highly religious environment where everyone was supposed to turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor, and forgive ad nauseum.In my impressionable mind, to be successful at loving all my neighbors, I had to... Continue Reading →

NOTE TO … Newsweek Magazine

I admit it. I’m downright queer. So thanks for including Alan Cummings' short, it's-about-time piece on gay icons in your April 13th edition. Mr. Cummings' article, Judy, Barbra, Liza—And Little Edie: How the 'Grey' ladies, and their ilk, became the gays’ ladies, is amazingly aligned with the underlying message of Aberration Nation. His concluding statement... Continue Reading →

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