Five Years in Review (2008-2013): Penelope Przekop

"Painting completed my life."  Frida Kahlo2012 has been a challenging year in terms of keeping up with my Aberration Nation interviews; I've been hyper-focused on my art work, which continues to evolve.  I'm considering changes to the Aberration Nation focus; details will be forthcoming.Today the focus is ART!I began painting in January of 2008; next... Continue Reading →

Irving and Teledildonics: Michael Olson

"Humanity has this indomitable urge to surround ourselves in elaborate fantasy worlds." On the day I finished reading a review copy of John Irving's new novel, In One Person (launching on May 8th), I received guest blog content from author, Michael Olson. Olson's debut novel, Strange Flesh, is about sex and games. Publishers Weekly describes Strange Flesh as a "head-spinning thriller" that "takes us down... Continue Reading →

Forget Me, Forget Me Not

Growing up in the whirlwind of alcoholism has received considerable mainstream attention over the last twenty years or so. It’s widely known that adult children of alcoholics often struggle with common issues such as feeling isolated, a dependant personality, and judging themselves without mercy ( Another less exposed affliction is growing up in a home... Continue Reading →

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