Full Circle: The Norsworthy Gallery (Shreveport)

I'm  thrilled to be leaving for Shreveport, Louisiana tomorrow morning to visit and attend the opening of my solo show, Full Circle, at The Norsworthy Gallery. I grew up in Shreveport dreaming of someday journeying off into the world to establish a life for myself.  I never envisioned that I'd spend my life in Shreveport, and in fact, as... Continue Reading →

Who Dat Actor: Eric Gipson

"Life becomes that drill sergeant yelling in your ear, pushing you to do things you never thought possible."Some of my favorite fictional lines come from Irving Stone's novel about Vincent van Gogh, LUST FOR LIFE:"Do you call yourself an artist?""Yes.""How absurd. You never sold a painting in your life.""Is that what being an artist means--selling?... Continue Reading →

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