Pieces of Penelope (1987, 21 years old)

Rolling and rolling,Building and budding,A cup that's somehow full,Now,Again,Bittersweet emotions,Confusion and peace,It's overflowing,This heart in tears.***Maybe right now I'm just trying to heal all the wounds. That does take time. I just hope it doesn't take a lifetime. Sometimes that's my fear ... I keep trying to make brass gold when I know it isn't.***Something... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Penelope (1986, 20 years old)

The moon is down,Like me,In your bed,The rising sun takes my sight,Time escapes me,Only rhythm Remains.***I wonder if I'm more comfortable hurting than being happy. The familiar is somehow more comforting even when you know it's not good for you. Isn't that strange? I've got to get myself together. I'm not sure how to go... Continue Reading →

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